Holy Child Charity

Uniforms for Students at San Francisco Nativity Academy 2019

August 2019 – Holy Child Charity purchased 400 uniforms for 80 kids at San Francisco Nativity Academy, a non-tuition based private Christian school for low income families.  This was our third year (2019–2020) to donate to these beautiful children!  Thank you generous supporters!!

Eager students receive uniforms for 3rd year

This small “non-tuition based private Christian school empowers low-income students of all faiths and cultures to reach their full potential through a challenging curriculum, spiritual development and family support within an extended day and extended year”. Parents stay engaged by committing 20 volunteer service hours per year, attending parent education classes and giving toward a monthly program fee. They believe in breaking the cycle of poverty through a quality Christian education. For more info visit: www.nativityhouston.org