Program 11 (2019-2020)

Scholarships for refugee students from Westbury High School

Program 10 (2019)

Projects for school repairs and playground in Colombia

Program 9 (2019)

Holy Child Charity Helps to remodel house in Dominican Republic

Program 8 (2018)

Holy Child Charity provided a set of school uniforms for the week to (60) pre-K students at San Francisco Nativity Academy of Houston

Program 7 (2017)

Hurricane Harvey Relief Program

Program 6 (2017)

School repaired and water delivered to Children with disabilities in Dominican Republic (Centro de Educacion Especial Catalina de San Agustin)

Program 5 (2017)

Shoes were donated to children living in poverty in Cambodia (Abbassi Foundation).

Program 4 (2017)

Holy Child Charity purchased 40 uniforms for students at San Francisco Nativity Academy children in Houston, TX

Program 3 (2017)

Shoes have been given to Refugees (Catholic Charities) from the Middle East and Latin Americans living in the Houston area.

Program 2 (2016-2017)

Scholarships for Higher Education have been granted to Refugees (PAIR) from Asia and Africa living in the Houston Area.

Program 1 (2015-2016)

Water filters were delivered to the Nukak Tribe in the Amazon Jungle.