Holy Child Charity


Program 17 (2020)

Aid to Schools in Mexico and Columbia

Program 16 (2020)

Dominican Republic Family 1

Program 15 (2020)

Dominican Republic Family 2

Program 14 (2020)

Water  Tank for Jalalaipa Community of Columbia

Program 13 (2020)

Bunk Beds for Children at Casa Hogar Ninas de Chihuahua

Program 12(2019-2020)

Scholarships for refugee students from Westbury High School

Program 11(2019)

Uniforms for kids of San Francisco Nativity Academy for 3rd year

Program 10 (2019)

Projects for school repairs and playground in Colombia

Program 9 (2019)

Holy Child Charity Helps to remodel house in Dominican Republic

Program 8 (2018)

Holy Child Charity provided a set of school uniforms for the week to (60) pre-K students at San Francisco Nativity Academy of Houston

Program 7 (2017)

Hurricane Harvey Relief Program

Program 6 (2017)

School repaired and water delivered to Children with disabilities in Dominican Republic (Centro de Educacion Especial Catalina de San Agustin)

Program 5 (2017)

Shoes were donated to children living in poverty in Cambodia (Abbassi Foundation).

Program 4 (2017)

Holy Child Charity purchased 40 uniforms for students at San Francisco Nativity Academy children in Houston, TX

Program 3 (2017)

Shoes have been given to Refugees (Catholic Charities) from the Middle East and Latin Americans living in the Houston area.

Program 2 (2016-2017)

Scholarships for Higher Education have been granted to Refugees (PAIR) from Asia and Africa living in the Houston Area.

Program 1 (2015-2016)

Water filters were delivered to the Nukak Tribe in the Amazon Jungle.