Holy Child Charity

Board of Directors

The Holy Child Charity Board of Directors is formed by:

Cesar A. Parra, MD – Founder, President, and Board Member

Dr. Parra graduated from medical school in 1989.  After a 2 year research program in Genetics, he moved with his family to Houston, where he finished his Pediatric residency at the University of Texas.  Dr. Parra maintains a successful Pediatric practice in an underprivileged neighborhood of West Houston.  As a member of Operation San Jose, a medical mission that specializes in repairing cleft lips and palates for the underserved children in third world countries, he has traveled to multiple Latin American countries.  In the course of these trips, he has observed the lack of resources and neglect that many children suffer.  In 2014, Dr. Parra worked with respected community members in Fort Bend County, Texas, to create the Holy Child Charity.

Rocio Parra – Co-Founder and Board Member

Rocio Parra was born in the city of Cali, Colombia, and moved to the United States in 1993 with her husband and first-born child.  She has an Associate’s Degree in General Studies.  She dedicates her time to raising her children, volunteering at their schools, and volunteering at St. Laurence Catholic Church.  In addition, she has volunteered at the Pregnant Resource Medical Center of Fort Bend County, where she helped organize donations and care for children.  Rocio has always had a passion for helping the underprivileged.  The founding of the Holy Child Charity was her family’s “dream come true” to give back to the people around the world.  Rocio also serves as Vice President for the Cesar Parra Medical Clinic.

Jim Coppedge – Vice President and Board Member

Jim Coppedge is a lawyer in the financial services industry and has been active in educational, philanthropic, and charitable endeavors for over twenty years.  Jim currently serves on the boards of directors of the Holy Child Charity, the University of Houston College of Business Foundation, and the University of Houston Cougar Investment Fund.  He previously spent time serving on the boards of Fort Bend Seniors Meals on Wheels and the BRANCH Educational Scholarships foundation.  Jim is actively involved in various ministries associated with St. Laurence Catholic Church.  He is passionate about bringing the love of God to the underprivileged and the incarcerated.

Mark Coppedge – Treasurer and Board Member

Mark Coppedge graduated from Texas A&M University in 1993 with an accounting degree and has been a Certified Public Accountant since 1996.  He has worked in the oil and gas industry for over 28 years and is currently a senior finance manager for a major oil company in Houston.  Mark is active in several ministries of St Laurence Catholic Church, including Family Night, Perpetual Adoration, ACTS, Catholic Men Called to be Saints, and marriage preparation.  He also serves on the St Laurence discipleship council.  Mark believes strongly that the family home is the domestic church, a place of grace, prayer and a school of human virtues and of Christian charity.

Katie Coppedge – Corporate Secretary and Board Member

Katie Coppedge is an organizational consultant operating in and around Fort Bend County, Texas.  Since moving to Houston, over 28 years ago with husband Mark, Katie has used her administrative and organizational skills to help fundraise, facilitate retreats, coordinate volunteers, and organize events for multiple charities in the area.  She serves on the discipleship council and is active in many ministries of St Laurence Catholic Church.  Katie is fully invested in the parable of the Good Samaritan, as conveyed in Luke, Chapter 10, wherein Christ seeks to teach the meaning of the commands, “Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your strength and with all your mind;” and, “Love your neighbor as yourself.”

Richard (Rich) Cabla – Board Member

Rich Cabla graduated from Texas A&M University in 1968, with a degree in Business Administration.  He retired after a 45-year career in the retail management and home improvement industries.  He has been a member of St. Laurence Catholic Church since 1991, and is active in the Perpetual Adoration ministry, Knights of Columbus, and Catholic Men Called to be Saints.  He has a strong belief that we are called to aid all children, but especially those in most need, to help in the development of their education, health, and faith.  Children strong in faith and character will be the future of our world.

Krista Gibson – Board Member

Krista Gibson is a financial services executive who is passionate about education and serving the underprivileged.  She has taught business management at both the undergraduate and graduate levels.  She previously served on the board of the Fort Bend County Pregnancy Resource Medical Center, and she is an active volunteer within the ACTS Community of St. Laurence Catholic Church.